About us

We embody the multifacetedness of the African – Caribbean – Black community – the innovators, creators, risk-takers, vibe seekers, contemporaries, and cannabis enthusiasts.

Who We Are ?

Smoke & Tingz is proud to offer premium cannabis products in addition to our exceptional customer service and welcoming atmosphere. As one of the premier dispensaries in Washington D.C., we opened our doors in late 2021 in one of the city’s most culturally significant and historic neighborhoods. Our unique and cannabis-friendly multipurpose event space has become a hub for cannabis enthusiasts in the city, and we take pride in offering high-quality cannabis products and accessories, making Smoke & Tingz a preferred destination for those searching for the best dispensaries in D.C.

Our retail Art Gallery & Fashion House features the work of a diverse group of artists and fashion designers who are ahead of the curve, providing visitors with a unique experience. We believe that cannabis and art are a natural combination, and our goal is to establish a space that celebrates creativity and self-expression. At Smoke & Tingz, we strive to deliver the best possible experience for our customers, whether they’re searching for a new strain to try or want to explore our event space. With an extensive selection of premium cannabis products, a knowledgeable staff, and a welcoming ambiance, we’re proud to be among the top dispensaries in Washington D.C.

As an Weed-friendly dispensary in Washington D.C., we aim to provide our customers with valuable and informative content to help them navigate the cannabis world. Whether you’re a seasoned smoker or a first-time user, Smoke & Tingz has something for everyone. Visit us today and experience the best that D.C. dispensaries have to offer.

About Us

Our headshop nearby celebrates and embraces the diverse African-Caribbean-Black community and their contributions as innovators, creators, and risk-takers. As fellow cannabis enthusiasts, we offer a unique space for anyone to explore and enjoy the world of cannabis. Our high-quality products and accessories cater to both seasoned smokers and newbies alike. We invite you to join our vibrant community and share the positive vibes.

Our Mission

We are proud to be a brand that prioritizes providing a remarkable guest experience, especially with the recent legalization of weed in Washington DC. Our goal is to create a secure and hospitable environment for cannabis lovers to unwind and enjoy a lively and serene ambiance. Our devoted team is committed to delivering the finest quality products and services to our esteemed guests, making every visit memorable. As one of the top destinations for cannabis enthusiasts in the city, we take pride in offering a distinctive and thrilling experience that sets us apart from the rest. Come celebrate the freedom of Washington DC’s weed legalization with us today!

Our Values

At our core, we are dedicated to providing¬†Premium Cannabis¬†Products and distinct that resonates with our customers’ culture and personal tastes, while also fostering connections between people. Our goal is to offer an unparalleled experience that is both enjoyable and unforgettable, featuring products and services that are specifically customized to meet our customers’ individual preferences and requirements. We are committed to building an inclusive and welcoming environment where everyone feels at ease and at home. With our unwavering dedication to quality and customer satisfaction, we strive to achieve a top ranking on Google and to remain a premier destination for those seeking a truly exclusive and personalized experience.

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